15 Cool Van Wrap Ideas to Try in 2024

15 Cool Van Wrap Ideas to Try in 2024

15 Cool Van Wrap Ideas to Try in 2024

15 Cool Van Wrap Ideas to Try in 2024

Looking to spice up your van with a unique wrap? Check out our 15 cool van wrap ideas for some inspiration!

Looking to spice up your van with a unique wrap? Check out our 15 cool van wrap ideas for some inspiration!

Looking to spice up your van with a unique wrap? Check out our 15 cool van wrap ideas for some inspiration!

Jan 30, 2024

Jan 30, 2024

Jan 30, 2024

van wrap ideas
van wrap ideas
van wrap ideas

A van wrap is like a blank page for your vehicle, providing endless design opportunities. Go for complex patterns or stick with a plain color - you decide!

Besides giving your vehicle a fresh look, van wraps are an affordable way to advertise your business. It's like having a mobile billboard, catching thousands of eyes daily. With an average lifespan of seven years, they definitely pay off!

In this article, we've got some cool van wrap ideas lined up for you.

Ready to transform your vehicle? Explore 10,000+ 3D graphics on Pixcap to design your custom van wrap.

15 Cool Van Wrap Ideas for Inspiration

Copenhagen Zoo’s Snake Bus

This cool van wrap truly "nails" it with its one-of-a-kind design. Originally made for the Copenhagen Zoo in 2009 to advertise their exhibits, the wrap looks just like a huge snake coiling around and squeezing the bus.

This clever visual trick is a perfect fit for a vehicle wrap. The wrap's style tells you what the zoo is all about. Just one glance at this bus, and it's clear the Copenhagen Zoo is a place of thrilling animals combined with a sense of fun.

Copenhagen Zoo’s Snake Bus wrap

Air India Express

Here's another cleverly located advertisement. It captures your attention by intentionally looking different, then reels you in with a single sentence. The tagline is basic, straightforward, and promises something good for the viewer.

Who wouldn't want to pay as much for a flight ticket as for a bus ticket? Once the unusual nature of the ad sinks in, many people are likely to quickly reach for their phones and look up Air India Express.

Air India Express bus wrap

Disney’s Aladdin

If you're after some enchantment, this ad for the Aladdin live-action movie is just the ticket.

Disney, as a large company, takes advantage of its well-known brand to attract attention. This is why the title is as big as the lamp image. Disney also knows that by stamping their logo on every ad, they get extra visibility for their other items.

Apart from this, the ad cleverly uses the features of the bus. The lamp is positioned in a way that makes it look like smoke is coming out of it. The ad's colors, purple and yellow, work well together and, with the help of multiple light sources, the ad can be seen at any time of the day.

Disney’s Aladdin bus wrap

Big Cheesy Gourmet Grill

Here's another wrap that is sure to make you hungry. This wrap design for the Big Cheesy Gourmet Grill food truck takes the idea of "big" to a new level when it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches.

Those giant grilled cheese sandwiches will catch your eye if you're feeling peckish. It's often said that "we eat with our eyes", suggesting that the sight of food can make us hungry. So, when someone is looking for something to eat, seeing a close-up of a deliciously cooked sandwich might just lure them to your food truck.

Big Cheesy Gourmet Grill truck wrap

Live Life on the Veg

Sometimes, a smart play on words or catchy phrases can help your car wrap stick in people's minds. Consider this wrap made for Caulipower, a company that produces pizza with cauliflower crust. It features large images of the product and the tagline "Live Life on the Veg," to communicate its message. If you see something like this while you're out and about, it might remind you to look for Caulipower the next time you're grocery shopping.

Live Life on the Veg truck wrap

3D Graphics

Another way to make your vehicle wrap stand out is through the use of 3D graphics. This technique creates depth and dimension, making the design more visually appealing and realistic.

It can be especially effective for larger vehicles such as buses or trailers, where the size of the graphic can really make an impact. Creating 3D graphics for vehicle wraps has become more accessible and affordable with Pixcap, click here to design your 3D vehicle wrap!

Half Wraps

You don't always need to cover your entire vehicle with a wrap for it to stand out. Look at this bespoke truck wrap for example. It only covers the rear half of the vehicle, leaving the front part in its original color. This creates a striking difference between the two sections. Thus, utilizing your available space wisely when creating a unique vehicle wrap is just as crucial as the design itself.

van with half wrap

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How to Design Your Vehicle Wrap

Utilize Design Software

To design your cool van wraps, you'll need a good design software. Pixcap is a popular choice to use to design vehicle wraps. You'll have access to more than 10,000+ 3D graphics and fonts, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to create custom vehicle wraps.

Don't forget to incorporate your brand colors, logo, and any important information like your website or contact details if any. Try to keep the design clear as vehicle wraps are often viewed while on the move.

Hire a Freelance Graphics Designer

If you don't have the time or design skills to create your own vehicle wrap, consider hiring a freelance graphic designer. They can bring your ideas to life and create a professional design for you.

Just be sure to communicate your vision clearly and provide any necessary branding materials for the designer to work with. You can easily find talented freelance designers on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

Collaborate with a Professional Vehicle Wrap Company

For a seamless and professional vehicle wrap design, consider working with a specialized vehicle wrap company. These companies have experience in creating effective designs specifically for vehicles and can provide valuable insights and suggestions.

They also have access to high-quality materials and printing techniques that will ensure your vehicle wrap looks vibrant and lasts longer. It may be a slightly more expensive option, but it can be worth the investment for a top-notch design.

Tips for a Great Vehicle Wrap Design

There are some strategies you can follow to ensure your vehicle wrap design is effective and eye-catching:

Keep It Simple

Simplicity in design is key. Overly intricate designs can be hard to comprehend, particularly at high speeds. Opt for a simple, clear layout with your brand's logo and essential information. Utilize bold, contrasting colors for immediate recognition, and ensure the text is large enough to be read from a distance. Remember, your vehicle wrap should communicate your brand message effectively within seconds.

Go Big or Go Home

Want to make a statement? Then go big! Cover as much space on your vehicle as possible with the design. This will maximize exposure and catch the attention of potential customers. It's also essential to use high-resolution images and graphics for a clear and professional look.

Be Humorous and Creative

Think of catchy taglines, clever imagery, or surprising elements that could make people smile or take a second look. Just ensure the humor aligns with your brand’s image and is appropriate for all audiences. Your vehicle wrap isn't just an advertisement, but a traveling showcase of your brand personality. Make it memorable!

Consider the Vehicle's Shape and Size

The shape and size of your vehicle can greatly impact the design. For example, if you have a small car, you may want to avoid intricate details that could become distorted when stretched over curves. On larger vehicles like vans or trucks, consider using the entire space creatively, including sides and back doors.

Create Your Custom Vehicle Wrap

Looking for an intuitive tool to create your vehicle wrap design? Try PixCap! This user-friendly platform empowers you to bring your creative van, car or truck wrap ideas to life with ease, even if you're not a professional designer.

Choose from a wide range of 3D templates, graphics, and customization options to design a wrap that is hard to miss.

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Need editable 3D icons, illustrations, characters, and mockups?

Need editable 3D icons, illustrations, characters, and mockups?