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Get started with templates

Add magic to your designs with drag-n-drop 3D assets. Edit colors, lighting, shadows, adjust camera angles and more.
All models, scenes and animations in PixCap are available for commercial use.

Export beautiful 3D designs in minutes

Our previewer UI allows quick and simple adjustments to templates within minutes - edit colors, adjust the camera, toggle lighting, move objects and pose characters.

Features - Previewer

Bring your 3D design one step further with our advanced editor - materials, 3D text, lights, character animation and much more. Our editor will feel familiar if you’ve used 3D software such as Unity, Maya, Cinema4D and Blender.

Features - Scene

Customise the materials of your models to change the color, roughness, texture, transparency, and other attributes.

Features - Materials

Control the look of your scene with lighting and shadows. Explore different lighting combinations to make your own day-time or night-time variations.

Features - Lights

Create powerful animations for objects and characters with PixCap’s timeline and graph editor. For advanced users, PixCap also ships with Inverse Kinematics (IK) for characters.

Features - Animations

Do amazing things with PixCap

Keep up with graphic design and 3D trends - without learning complex 3D software.


Improve engagement and conversion of your web and mobile apps with 3D designs.


Make your brand stand out from the crowd with 3D designs.


PixCap makes sourcing 3D content easier for metaverse creators. Edit scenes, models, and animate your characters.


Design teams love PixCap

"PixCap is fast, light-weight and user-friendly, and now my go-to tool for integrating 3D into my designs. Lots of my ideas have been realized in PixCap (design, 3D illustration, materials for reels)."

- Trung Nguyen, Product Designer

“PixCap is great for designers who don't know much about 3D yet. They offer ready-made models and design templates, and real-time rendering. Plus, you don't need to install anything.”

- Shandy Anangga, 3D artist

“PixCap supplies 3D illustrations for my design projects (web design, brochures, etc). It’s very easy and fast to get quality 3D assets here, so I don’t need to create them from scratch. This saves me a lot of time - I can complete designs faster and take on more projects.”

- Alif Sholihin, Graphic Designer

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