20 Youtube Thumbnail Fonts That Attract More Viewers

20 Youtube Thumbnail Fonts That Attract More Viewers

20 Youtube Thumbnail Fonts That Attract More Viewers

20 Youtube Thumbnail Fonts That Attract More Viewers

A list of the top 20 YouTube thumbnail fonts that can help attract more viewers to your videos.

A list of the top 20 YouTube thumbnail fonts that can help attract more viewers to your videos.

A list of the top 20 YouTube thumbnail fonts that can help attract more viewers to your videos.

Jan 31, 2024

Jan 31, 2024

Jan 31, 2024

youtube thumbnail fonts
youtube thumbnail fonts
youtube thumbnail fonts

One of the most important factors for a video's success on YouTube is its thumbnail, the small image that represents the video. A strong thumbnail can tell a story, make people feel something, and most importantly, catch the attention of potential viewers in just a few seconds.

While the picture is a big part of it, the choice of font can also make a big difference, even though it's often overlooked. In this detailed guide, we'll explore 20 different YouTube thumbnail fonts that can make your thumbnails go from ordinary to eye-catching.

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20 Best Fonts for Youtube Thumbnail and Youtube Banner

1. Impact - Popular YouTube Thumbnail Font

When it comes to choosing a simple yet powerful font for your YouTube thumbnails, Impact is a top contender. With its bold and clear style, it ensures that your message stands out and grabs the viewer’s attention immediately.

This font is incredibly versatile, suitable for a variety of video types, but it particularly shines in reaction videos, pranks, or review content. Impact font will make sure your thumbnails hit hard and leave an impression, urging browsers to click and watch.

impact font for youtube thumbnail

2. DK Mandarin Whispers - Good Font for YouTube Thumbnail

DK Mandarin Whispers is a font that captures the viewer's eye, whether you're using big capital letters or small lower-case ones. Its design blends with a variety of colors and backgrounds, making it a perfect pick for any image on your thumbnail. Plus, this font adds a distinct border around the text, making sure your words are clear and pop out, attracting attention to your video.

dk mandarin whisper font for youtube thumbnail

3. Bebas

Bebas is a great font choice if you want to make sure people notice the words on your YouTube thumbnails. It works really well for how-to videos, whether you're showing viewers how to cook something delicious, apply make-up, or create a do-it-yourself project. It has a strong look that stands out on both thumbnail images and channel banners, especially when you use it with white letters and black outlines. See how eye-catching it looks in the image below.

bebas font for youtube thumbnail

4. Badaboom BB - Cool Font for YouTube Thumbnail

Badaboom BB is a standout font that practically shouts "Look here!" from your YouTube thumbnails. Its fun name alone is enough to spark a smile. This font is especially great if your videos are all about exciting, out-of-the-box ideas. If you like to keep your content playful and energetic, Badaboom BB might just be the ideal match for your visuals.

badaboom bb font for youtube thumbnail

5. Chucklesome

Chucklesome is a font that's like a blast from the past—straight out of the cartoons and comic books we loved as kids. It's colorful, bold, and just the right kind of fun for YouTube thumbnails, especially if you're talking about games, movies, or comics. This font is artsy and its big, bright letters will grab people's eyes even from far off. It's a sure-fire way to get viewers interested in what you've got to show them.

chucklesome font for youtube thumbnail

6. Beauty and the Beast

If you're someone who shares gaming content, tricks or daily vlogs, you'll need the right font to make your video thumbnails appealing and a bit more laid-back. The Beauty and the Beast font comes with a fanciful kick, turning your thumbnails into fun, inviting previews of your content. It really stands out and looks its best against a colorful backdrop.

beauty and the beast font for youtube thumbnail

7. Bernhard - Serif Font for YouTube Thumbnail

Bernhard is a simple yet classy type of font that makes your thumbnails look uniquely sophisticated. It's a straightforward design that brings a neat and clean feel to your channel's images. This font is a favorite for people creating book-related videos, sharing lifestyle tips, or DIY tutorials. It's got a charm that makes your content stand out without looking too flashy.

bernhard font for youtube thumbnail

8. Caribold

Caribold is the font that's hard to ignore — it's as if the letters are popping right out from your screen! With its thick, eye-catching design, it draws attention with bold lines and shadows that highlight the words. If you're making "How To" videos, Caribold could be the perfect choice to make sure your thumbnails stand out and get noticed.

caribold font for youtube thumbnail

9. Dustin Font

The Dustin Font Quartet is not only easy to recognize but also trendy, much like the famous Supreme brand's style. With four different fonts included, you get plenty of choices to make your video thumbnails look cool and eye-catching. It's perfect for giving your channel a modern, stylish feel.

dustin font for youtube thumbnail

10. The Tide - Bold Font for YouTube Thumbnail

The Tide font is like a breath of fresh ocean air for your video thumbnails. If your channel is all about chilling out like travel, lifestyle, or vlogging, and you want your viewers to feel at ease, this font is your go-to. With its big, bold letters, it's super easy for people to see and read as they scroll by, making them want to stop and check out your videos.

the tide font for youtube thumbnail

11. Indigo

Indigo is one of the best YouTube thumbnail fonts. This chunky font has a fun, girly vibe that's sure to grab attention. Mixing the filled-in version with the outlined one on your thumbnails and video titles can give your content a standout look that viewers can't help but notice.

indigo font for youtube thumbnail

12. King Crayon - Cute YouTube Thumbnail Font

King Crayon is a playful font that pairs perfectly with lively and imaginative videos. It's like the kind of handwriting you'd see in a child's schoolwork or a comic book, making it a great match for content meant to be fun and lighthearted, especially for kids. But don't let that limit you! This font also works well for funny compilation videos or any project where you want to add a touch of humor and joy.

king crayon font for youtube thumbnail

13. Horsemen

The Horsemen font is an innovative and bold choice, drawing inspiration from vintage horror vibe and the iconic styles of the 1970s and 1980s. Available in both tilted and upright styles, it's an ideal pick for those aiming to give their channel's visuals, including in-video text and thumbnails, an edgy flair.

horsemen font for youtube thumbnail

14. Tsuki

Tsuki is the perfect font if you're creating videos about Japan and its culture. Its big, clear letters are awesome for anything to do with Japanese anime or manga because they're easy to read and have that cool, Japanese style. Plus, lots of gamers have started using Tsuki on their video thumbnails and stuff because it looks so neat.

tsuki font for youtube thumbnail

15. Game Over

Game Over is a trendy font with a hand-painted look, and it really shines when you use it in videos, like for song lyrics on screen. It's also a hit for YouTube channel art and video thumbnails because of its cool style. This font is especially good for the words you see while you watch a video.

game over font for youtube thumbnail

16. Lato

Lato is a widely used and liked font. It looks modern and clean, which makes your video thumbnails and banners stand out. If you talk about business or work things in your videos, Lato works really well. Keep in mind, though, that fonts like Lato, without the extra little lines at the ends of the letters (what we call 'sans serif' fonts) are the best choice for the text inside your videos and for subtitles because they're simple to read.

lato font for youtube thumbnail

17. Chalk Sketch

Chalk Sketch is a super cool font that's perfect for making videos that are fun and easy to watch, like tutorials or lessons for kids. It's a fun way to catch someone's eye and make learning videos more interesting.

chalk sketch font for youtube thumbnail

18. Pure Dancing Script

Pure Dancing Script is the font you need to keep your videos feeling light and not too stiff. Its letters lean a bit, giving your thumbnails a softer look that's perfect for fashion videos or tips and tricks for women. If you want your videos to seem friendly and inviting, this font is the way to go.

pure dancing script font for youtube thumbnail

19. Config Rounded

Config Rounded is a top-notch font for YouTube channels that focus on business or sharing information. Its modern and clean look makes it perfect for making videos that explain things or advertise a business, a product, or a service. It's also great for news videos.

config rounded font for youtube thumbnail

20. Montserrat

Montserrat is an incredibly flexible font with simple, clean letters that have just a touch of shadow and outline to make them stand out. This font works great for all kinds of YouTube thumbnails, whether you're creating something casual or something that's straight to the point and full of facts. It's a go-to choice for a wide range of video topics.

Montserrat font for youtube thumbnail

What Is the Best Font for YouTube?

If you're still scratching your head about the best font for your YouTube channel, let's make it clear – there's not one perfect font that fits everyone. It's all about what matches what you're doing. However, a lot of top YouTubers pick Bebas, Impact, DK Mandarin Whispers, and Badaboom BB for their video thumbnail and banner.

A pro tip: for your thumbnails and banners to be nice and clear on any screen, from phones to computers, go for font size 75 or bigger.

Tips for Choosing a YouTube Font

When you're picking a font for your YouTube videos, thumbnails, or channel art, think about these suggestions to make a good choice.

Keep in Mind Readability

Some fonts might look amazing and cool, but if it's hard to read, viewers might skip your video. Remember, the purpose of a YouTube thumbnail is to grab attention and make people click on your video. If they can't easily read the title or any other text on the thumbnail, they may pass over your content.

Match Your Style and Branding

Your YouTube channel is like your own brand, and you want to keep your branding consistent. If you're using a specific font on your logo or channel banner, it's a good idea to stick with that font for all your videos to create a cohesive look. This will make it easier for viewers to recognize your content and associate it with your brand.

Consider Your Audience

Think about your target audience when choosing a font. If you create videos for kids, a playful and fun font might be more suitable than a formal one. On the other hand, if you make educational or informational content, a clean and professional font would be more appropriate.

Use Vibrant Colors for Contrast

When it comes to thumbnails, a font with vibrant colors will help make the text stand out against the background. This is especially important if you have a busy or colorful thumbnail image. Avoid using similar shades of color for your font and background, as this can make it difficult to read.


Choosing the right font for your YouTube content can make a significant impact on viewership and engagement. So, put some thought into it and experiment with different options and find what works best for your specific channel and content style. Choose your font wisely, stay consistent with your branding, consider your audience, and use vibrant colors for contrast. By doing so, you'll be one step closer to creating a successful and recognizable YouTube brand.

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